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Digital Pressure Gauge

  • DPG200 digital pressure gauge
  • DPG200 digital pressure gauge
DPG200 digital pressure gaugeDPG200 digital pressure gauge

DPG200 digital pressure gauge

  • Product description: High accurary digital Pressure Gauge, field pressure gauge vacuum pressure gauge The DPG200 is a high-precision intelligent digital pressure gauge with built-in high-precision pressure sensor that ac

The DPG200 is a high-precision intelligent digital pressure gauge with built-in high-precision pressure sensor that accurately displays pressure in real time and features high precision and long-term stability.

This digital pressure gauge is equipped with a large-size LCD liquid crystal display with 5-bit display. It has various functions such as clearing, backlighting, power on/off, unit switching, low voltage alarm, peak recording, etc. It is easy to operate and easy to install.

The product adopts 304 stainless steel shell and joint, which has good shock resistance and can measure gas, liquid, oil and other non-corrosive medium for stainless steel.

The DPG200 digital pressure gauge is powered by three 5th batteries, and can also be powered by USB. The battery life is low and the time is long.


◇ Water treatment system

◇ Water pump and air compressor

◇ Mechanical and electrical equipment automation

◇ Construction machinery

◇ Medical equipment

◇ Hydraulic and pneumatic systems

◇ Laboratory

◇ Test stand

Technical characteristics
☆ 304 stainless steel matte casing, dial diameter 100mm

☆ With pressure scale bar indicating the current pressure percentage

☆ 5-digit display with high resolution

☆ Accuracy level: 0.4 level 0.2 level  level (optional)

☆ 3 sections of 5th battery power supply, can last for 18-24 months

☆ Maximum and minimum record function

☆ 13 kinds of pressure unit switching (Mpa, kpa, pa, psi, bar, kgf/cm2, mbar, inH2O, mmHg, lorr, ATM, mmH20)

☆ One-button clear zero error

☆ USB power supply, battery dual power supply

☆ Strong media compatibility, can measure water, oil, gas and other media that are non-corrosive to stainless steel

Parameter index

Pressure range

Vacuum range: (0~-100) kPa 0-100kPa (absolute pressure) 0-250kPa (absolute pressure) 0-400kPa (absolute pressure) 0-1.0MPa (absolute pressure)

Compound range: (-0.1~0.1)MPa (-0.1~0.25)MPa (-0.1~0.4)MPa (-0.1~0.6)MPa (-0.1~1.0)MPa (-0.1~2.5)MPa (-2.5~2.5 ) (-5~5) kPa (-10~10) kPa (-25~25) kPa (-50~50) kPa

Micro pressure range: (0~2) kPa (0~5) kPa (0~10) kPa (0~25) kPa (0~50) kPa (0~100) kPa

Conventional range: (0~160) kPa (0~250) kPa (0~400) kPa (0~600) kPa (0~1) MPa (0~1.6) MPa ... (0~60) MPa

High pressure range: (0~100) MPa (0~160) MPa (0~200) MPa

Pressure type

gauge pressure, negative gauge pressure, absolute pressure


capability: <10MPa 150%; ≥10MPa 120%

Accuracy rating

0.2% FS 0.4% FS (optional)


0.2% FS / year

Supply voltage

4.5V (3 AA batteries) or USB powered

Battery life

≥18 months (subject to specific operating conditions)

Sampling frequency

3 times / sec (user adjustable)

Display screen

5-digit LCD display

Backlight color


Measuring medium

air, water, oil, etc.

Electromagnetic compatibility

anti-electromagnetic interference design, in accordance with EN61326

Data Memory

Permanent EEPROM

Peak record


Case material

304 stainless steel

Interface material

304 stainless steel

Product features

backlight, power on / off, unit switching, peak recording, pressure percentage display

No. Pressure Range
DPG200-1 (-1~0)bar
DPG200-2 (0~0.16) bar
DPG200-3 (0~0.25) bar
DPG200-4 (0~0.4)bar
DPG200-5 (0~0.6) bar
DPG200-6 (0~1) bar
DPG200-7 (0~1.6)bar
DPG200-8 (0~2.5)bar
DPG200-9 (0~4) bar
DPG200-10 (0~6) bar
DPG200-11 (0~10 )bar
DPG200-12 (0~16) bar
DPG200-13 (0~25)bar
DPG200-14 (0~40 )bar
DPG200-15 (0~60)bar
DPG200-16 (0~100)bar
DPG200-17 (0~160)bar
DPG200-18 (0~250)bar
DPG200-19 (0~400)bar
DPG200-20 (0~600)bar
DPG200-21 (0~700)bar
DPG200-22 (0~1000)bar



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